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Bulls Triumph in House Song Contest

27 Mar 2013

The first annual house song competition took place this afternoon; a rousing end to the term for all involved.

All members of every house from Years 7 to 11 were up on stage to sing a variety of songs to the packed hall. They were trying to impress Mr Wiseman, Mr Richards and guest judge Alex Tester with the quality and enthusiasm of their singing and performance.

IMG_1439Glebe Falcons had the daunting task of kicking off the competition with a rendition of Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now'. The judges said that the performance gained in confidence as it went along. Lithburn Eagles were the next up, singing Train's 'Hey, Soul Sister'. The judges enjoyed the pop style of the performance – which particularly impressed Mrs Hague and Miss Creese judging by their enthusiastic dancing at the back of the room.

The Northwold Yales' performance of Queen's 'We Will Rock You' had "vitality throughout" according to the judges. They were followed on stage by the Pendreen Dragons, who sang Robbie Williams' classic 'Angels'. The judges were relieved that they "didn't kill it", and the whole audience delighted in the Dragons' impressive swaying and air guitar work.


The Gonville Griffins chose yet another Queen classic, but were unfortunately not correct in their assertion that 'We Are The Champions' when the final results were announced. The Mecklenburgh Unicorns survived a slight mix up and some very dodgy Scottish accents to give an entertaining performance of The Pretenders 'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)'. The Bateman Bulls made great use of their conductor in an excellent rendition of the final, and arguably most difficult, Queen hit: ' Bohemian Rhapsody'. The Lithburn Lions finished off precedings with a slightly altered version of Madness' 'Our House', claiming they were the "best house in the school". Unsurprisingly this did not go down too well with all the other houses that made up their audience.

IIMG_1447t was up to the judges to decide which was the best house however. Alex Tester picked out the highs (and a few lows) in each performance before announcing the top three. Third were the Lithburn Eagles (to the delight of Mrs Hague and Miss Creese) and second went to Pendreen Dragons' spirited performance of 'Angels'. The first prize and the coveted House Song Competition trophy went to the Bateman Bulls – mainly for the excellent vocal talent on show in a tricky song.

It was a great way to round off the term, and the houses will surely already be mining the depths of Queen's back catalogue in preparation for next year's contest.

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