The Perse School

Science stripped bare at The Perse

4 Feb 2013

One of the BBC’s ‘Naked Scientists’ carried out simple but fascinating experiments with Year 10 Perse students today, recording the results for their radio show.

Three students took part in an experiment to reveal their own DNA using a mixture of salt water swilled in their mouths, washing up liquid, isopropyl alcohol and food colouring. The white clumps and strings of their DNA appeared.

Three more young scientists then took part in experiments to explore emulsification, which included making lava lamps from yellow oil, coloured water and salt. In the wide-ranging discussion that followed they debated the merits of hydrogenated fats, and discovered why olive oil might be the healthiest option to ‘spread’ on their toast.

The Naked Scientists “answer questions from everyday chemistry to quantum physics” on their Sunday night radio show. One of The Perse School experiments should be broadcast as part of the 10 February show, from 6pm on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, while the other will follow later in the year.

The Scientists have their own website on which podcasts of the show are available.

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