The Perse School

Adding Up to Maths Success

27 Feb 2013

The Perse took two teams of Year 10 Mathematicians to the local round of the Further Maths Network's Team competition at Linton Village College this week.

The A team, consisting of Alexander Harris, Richard Geng, Renzhi Zhou and Anthony Kattuman, won a convincing victory. They performed particularly impressively in the studied round on the Absolute Value Function. They have now qualified for the regional round that will take place in April.

The B team, featuring Sharan Kumar, Jason Gu, Henrik Burton and Salvadore Buse, also performed well and secured an impressive 3rd place finish.

There was further Mathematical success in the annual Intermediate Maths Challenge last week. All Year 9 students took part, and between them received 19 gold awards, 38 silver and 51 bronze. The top set in Year 11 netted 23 gold awards, 2 silver and 1 bronze. As a result 25 Perse students have been invited to take part in the prestigious follow-on Olympiad. We wish them the best of luck in their preparations for this.



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