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Pupils Scope Out Careers in Gaming

31 Jan 2013

Julien Hofer, Managing Director of games and online recruitment agency Datascope, came to talk to the ‘42’ yesterday afternoon about the many exciting career opportunities available for students who embrace computer science. The talk attracted a range of gaming enthusiasts, from Year 7 right up to Upper Sixth, and they all thoroughly enjoyed Julien’s informative presentation.

Julien demonstrated the diverse range of games that had been developed over the past few years with video clips of the games being played. He pointed out the small and intricate programming details that go into creating a realistic gaming experience – from the spray created by a Formula One car, to the difficulty of getting a tree to appear in the background before slowly coming into focus.

Julien also talked about the different ways of developing and producing games. He was particularly informative regarding the difference between the development of console and online games – and how each game can make money.

Most of the audience are active members of the school’s hugely popular programming club. They are therefore well placed to take heed of Julien’s advice for those ultimately wanting a job in this exciting and stimulating sector – that advice being to get programming!

Hopefully this excellent talk will be further inspiration for Perse pupils well on their way to creating the technologies of the future.

The talk was organised by the school’s ‘42’ society who arrange a programme of lectures each term designed to encourage students' intellectual curiosity and broaden their horizons.

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