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Rave Reviews for Year 11 Play

7 Dec 2012

The Year 11 play took place last week, and has earnt this gushing review from one audience member:

"With a combination of cracking comedy, brilliant acting and a riveting plot, The Importance of Being Earnest made a great evening out. All involved gave a first-class performance.

Ella Thomson as Gwendolen Fairfax and Olivia Jani as Lady Bracknell brilliantly conveyed the clashing personalities of a strong-minded Victorian matriarch and  her proud and independent daughter. Emma Broadhurst gave a stunning performance as Cecily Cardew, while Chad Frost Smith showed his tremendous talent (and insatiable appetite!) in the role of the idle and flirtatious Algernon Moncrieff. Hugh Lawrence was superb as John Worthing, who faces a hilarious – but at times poignant – inquisition by Lady Bracknell after falling in love with Gwendolen. The respectability and the guilt in the character of Miss Prism were portrayed excellently by Shannon Millard. Edmund Goddard mastered the challenging role of the Reverend Canon Chasuble with great skill. The aristocrats were ably supported by Lane and Merriman, played by Hamza Wahid and Daniel Jackson.

The play was performed in the round, which worked very well, making the audience really feel part of the play.

Congratulations to all involved, both on and off stage, especially Mr Green, the director, and Zoe Butler, assistant director."

William Drake, Year 11

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