The Perse School

Young Poet is Over the Moon

8 Oct 2012

Huge congratulations to year 7 Matt Burson who was a commended winner in this year's Foyle Young Poet of the Year competition. 

Matt's poem, The Moon, was chosen as one of 85 winners from over 3,500 applicants. He recieved his award at the Royal Festival Hall on National Poetry Day last week.

Here is Matt's winning poem:

The Moon

The moon is a silver stain

In the deep sea blue carpet of the night sky.

A glittering opal,

Encrusted in a ring of clouds.

A silver coin,

Flicked up from earth, never to return.


The moon is a white lion,

Standing proud and erect in the plains of the night sky.

A courageous polar bear

Battling on through cruel ice fields.


The moon is a plane entrusted to fly by earth,

At night, guiding the people.

It is God’s eye,

Caring and tracing the steps of men.


The moon is a poor wandering soul,

Lost in the shadows of night.

The moon is a slave,

Forced to follow the never ending cycle.



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