The Perse School

Tennis Triumph

9 Oct 2012

As the nights draw in and cold, misty mornings remind us that what little summer weather we had is confined to memory, it seems a good time to remember the warmer months, and in particular celebrate another superb season of tennis achievement from Year 11 Ben Clark.

Ben was a leading member of the Cambridge LTC Mens’ Doubles second team, leading them to promotion as Champions into the County First Division. A significant achievement as this is a men’s competition.

At junior level Ben’s success is even more impressive. He was one of only 16 to qualify for the U16 National Tour finals, and the only representative from the East. He went on from that to finish second in the U16 National Table – a quite remarkable achievement when one considers he still has 18 months in this age group to improve.

Despite being hampered by injury Ben still managed to win tournaments as far and wide as Norwich, Cambridge, Huddersfield and Beckenham over the summer, and is currently ranked at number 7 nationally in his age group.

The school sends huge congratulations to Ben, and wishes him great success over the winter and for when the warm weather returns next summer.


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