The Perse School

Signed Blake poster in the Library

25 Oct 2012

The Library has been presented with a signed Quentin Blake poster of Cambridge University history.

Bruce Kinsey, one of our Senior Tutors, was interviewing him for the Leavis International conference which was recently held at Downing College. FR Leavis was both a Perse pupil as well as a Downing Fellow, and he had taught Quentin Blake.

Quentin – particularly known for his illustrations accompanying Roald Dahl stories – talked about the tradition of illustrating text, and how it impacts on the way we read. He talked about the need to be immersed in text, and from this close engagement the illustration arose.


Bruce, a former Downing Fellow and keen Quentin fan, was keen to get him to sign the poster for the school. They talked about various project Quentin has been involved in, including Voltaire’s Candide, the Big Draw, and his work for Addenbrookes Rosie wing.

A picture of the signed poster can be seen below, but you must come into the library to see it in its full glory.




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