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Perse Power Past Ipswich

4 Oct 2012

The Perse 1st XV recorded a resounding victory over Ipswich at the weekend, part of a clean sweep from all teams. Here is forward Oscar Giles' rundown of events:


"The first few minutes of the match were fiercely contested with neither side achieving a decisive move. The Perse back line, despite missing Josh Gray, managed particularly well to hold off Ipswich’s strong man at thirteen.

As time progressed it became clear that, despite being outmatched in size, Perse’s pack were too strong in the scrum for Ipswich to cope with – repatedly turning opposition ball into the home side’s attacking platforms.

As the game developed it became apparent that although Perse were not as physically strong as Ipswich, they more than compensated through means of skill, aggression and fast game play, meaning that Perse managed to hold onto most of the possession. The home side began to wear away the opposition after an excellent first twenty minutes, and the tries began to flow by the end of the first half due to a powerful pack and clinical back line.

In the second half Ipswich were not deterred by the score difference, but were unable to penetrate Perse’s iron defence. As fitness became a larger factor towards the end of the game Perse racked up the score board until a resounding 51-0 was reached.

Commendations go to Cameron Ramsey for the hat trick, James Knoop who danced his way through the line for a try, and countless other unglorified efforts which brought about the end result. All in all a great day out for the forwards, the backs, and the spectators – and an honorable performance for the Ipswich team."


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