The Perse School

Hold the Mayo!

24 Oct 2012

The Prep were delighted to welcome radio presenter and author Simon Mayo to talk to pupils about his new children’s book.

As Simon told the packed assembly he is best known for “playing songs for old people” on the radio, but had been inspired to write a children’s book for his son.

Simon introduced the main character of his book, Itch, by first asking the audience for examples of things that they collected – and got some brilliant responses ranging from stamps, through Olympic 50p coins, to model dinosaurs. He then explained that the main character, Itch, collected the elements of the periodic table – making him an ‘element hunter’.

Simon went on to read an amusing extract from his book which, to the delight of his audience, involved pupils vomiting on teachers! He also explained how exciting, but potentially dangerous, some elements of the periodic table could be – and explained what had inspired him to write the book.

Following his talk Simon answered lots of questions from the pupils. These questions included; what did he collect? How long did it take to write? What is his favourite element? (he said gold). He was also asked what would happen if you swallowed gunpowder and then a match- after some thought he concluded that doing this would be “asking for trouble”!

Everyone present thoroughly enjoyed the talk, and many pupils relished the opportunity to have Simon sign their copy of the new book – which they are now all itching to read!


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