The Perse School

Drama trip to London

12 Oct 2012

Earlier this term forty-four GCSE Drama students departed The Perse for the National Theatre in London.  On arriving, the group split in half to enjoy two different workshops.  The first group’s focus was Commedia Dell’Arte and they were challenged to create the ever-moving, always resourceful characters of the zanni (servants) as well as the two faces of the lover characters.  The second workshop took place in the studio where the concept for Warhorse was first created.  Here, students were challenged to inject energy into their work and consider matching their body language to their tone of voice.  They finished with a look at excepts from One Man, Two Guvnors:  an insight into the evening’s entertainment. 

Dinner was enjoyed on the South Bank, following which the group walked over the Thames and took their seats for the much anticipated performance of One Man, Two Guvnors at the Theatre Royal, HaymarketThere was laughter from the minute the curtain went up, and both students and staff alike were more than impressed with the larger-than-life characters appearing on stage as well as the slapstick moments, colourful set and array of musical talent. 

A tired but satisfied group returned to school late in the evening, but all agreed that the effort of getting up the next morning was definitely worthwhile!




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