The Perse School

A Winning Strategy

27 Sep 2012

Pupils have been immersing themselves in worlds filled with fierce dragons, mighty space ships and noble heroes at the new strategy games club!

Strategy games combine creativity and imagination with analytical thinking, and above all else are a lot of fun to play with friends.

The club exists to allow students to learn how to play and how to improve at various strategy games based around the idea of using logic and critical thinking to outwit others.

Around 30 students have attended each week so far; with experienced Year 11s guiding a mix of enthusiastic Year 7, 8 and 9s.

So far the games to feature have been Dominion, Saboteur and Citadels – but new games will be introduced each week and students are encouraged to bring in any of their own.

The club has so far been a great success, and hopes are high that even more students will be attracted into the mysterious and exciting world of strategy gaming in the coming weeks.

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