The Perse School

Perse CCF Cadets win Gliding Scholarships

6 Jul 2012

Seven Cadets from The Perse CCF have won Gliding Scholarships this year. Gliding Scholarship courses are an opportunity for cadets to undergo further training and achieve Gliding Scholarship wings. A course consists of up to 40 launches in a Viking or 8 hours in a Vigilant to achieve GS wings. Cadets showing the necessary aptitude are invited to progress to 'solo' standard and hopefully achieve the GS Solo Wings.

Gliding Scholarship (GS)

The Gliding Scholarship is aimed at cadets over 16 years old. The training is more advanced than the GIC with cadets instructed in the core skills of a glider pilot. Cadets completing the course receive the blue GS wings.


Gliding Scholarship – Solo (GS)

Cadets on the Gliding Scholarship who show aptitude for further training and a strong motivation for gliding will be invited for more training to allow them to go solo. Any cadet also completing a solo flight will receive the silver solo wings.


Of the cadets that have been on the course, Tom Mann, Alex Fanourakis and Edmund Smith have earned Silver Wings, and Tom Myers and Alex West have earned Blue Wings. Daniel Agar will go on his course in August.

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