The Perse School

Paddle Making

3 Jul 2012

As part of a new initiative for 2012, ten members of the Perse Exploration Society's Summit 11 group had the opportunity to make their own canoe paddles for the Sweden Expedition. Summit 11 is an integral part of PES and runs during Monday enrichment afternoons. Pupils train throughout the year in preparation for a 10-day canoeing and bushcraft trip on the Lakes of central Sweden. Some fine examples of Algonquin and Otter Tail paddles were produced out of Ash. Completed paddles were flown out to Sweden and used during the expedition with great success. Carving paddles out of wood is a long and delicate task requiring a great deal of patience and concentration, which all pupils demonstrated. As well as being able to produce a practical and useful paddle, pupils had the satisfaction of completing a challenging project and will keep their paddles as a memento of the Sweden expedition.

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