The Perse School

Ludi Scaenici

29 Jun 2012

The Perse Upper School hosted the 35th edition of the annual "Ludi Scaenici" Latin Drama Competition on Thursday 28th June. A number of schools took part, each entering their own specially-created play, written and performed in Latin. The students involved are all in the early stages of learning Latin and the plays have to be crafted from language and situations that they have encountered while studying Cambridge Latin Course Book 1.

The Perse's own entry in the competition was a play entitled "post tremores", and imagined the citizens of Pompeii turning their backs on the gods after a devastating earthquake. Quarrels among the citizens and the different gods and goddesses were ended by the anger of Jupiter who caused Mount Vesuvius to erupt and thereby punish the Pompeiians.

Our cast, our largest ever, featured twenty-six girls and boys from Years 7 and 8 who looked resplendent in their costumes and are to be commended for all their hard work. The judges were hugely impressed by the energy they used to bring the play to life and The Perse finished as unofficial runners-up to St Mary's. Everyone enjoyed the experience, not least for the chance to take Latin out of the textbook and on to the stage! Well done to all involved, including the seven excellent backstage helpers from the Lower School.

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