The Perse School

Reception visit the Botanical Gardens

14 May 2012

Reception children enjoyed a fantastic day at the Botanical Gardens, managing to avoid the worst of the wet weather! As they donner their wellies in preparation for the rain, many of the children were very excited about their first outing on the minibuses. The children explored the garden's diverse trees and flowers, collecting a range of natural materials during the nature trail. They also found dens, minibeasts and a whole host of intriguing leaves and twigs which sparked a lot of conversation and debate. The children loved spending time making careful drawings of some of the more exotic plants in the hot houses. The cacti proved a particular highlight as did the giant seed in the middle of the cycas plant in the tropical rainforest. Upon their return to school, both classes were buzzing with chatter about all they had seen whilst trying to supress their yawns as a result of a lot of walking!

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