The Perse School

Classics trip to Greece

1 May 2012

During the Easter holidays, the Classics Department embarked on a tour of Greece to investigate the origins of Hellenic culture. On a whistle-stop tour of the major ancient sights of Athens, the group first visited the Agora (and its impressively preserved temple of Hephaistos), then made their ascent of the Acropolis to take in the instantly recognisable Parthenon and Erechtheion. After a descent through the Theatre of Dionysus, the group headed to the Acropolis Museum to see first-hand the half of the Parthenon Sculptures which can't be found in the British Museum.

The group woke up to day three in Tolon. Here, the pupils were able to imagine themselves as figures such as Agamemnon and Herakles, as they visited the sites of Mycenae, Tiryns with its Cyclopean walls, Nemea, and the Theatre of Epidauros.

Moving on to Olympia, and the next day Delphi, the pupils marvelled at the site and birthplace of the Olympic Games. The humble gravel race track and modest ruins stood in stark contrast to the current hive of activity at Stratford.

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