The Perse School

PES Norfolk Broads Trip

27 Apr 2012

48 pupils from Years 8, 9 and 10 embarked on a PES sailing trip to the Norfolk Broads during the Easter holidays. After collecting their vessles (four yachts, three cruisers and eight dinghies), the group made their way down Womack Staithe. It was an eventful journey for some, learning the ropes on the yachts as they went along. Over the next few days, sailing was a priority and much tacking practice was done despite the hail storms. Cruiser crews had the opportunity to sail the yachts, and the yacht crews to helm the cruisers. On Wednesday, the whole group took part in a night-time wide game using canoes and dinghies. The game required stealth, tactics and teamwork to succeed.

Throughout the trip, each crew managed their own food budgets and laid on some excellent meals with PES staff as guests. The last few days of the trip were spent on Barton Broad, the second largest in the Norfolk Broads. It was here that the epic wide game, Buccaneer, was played. The game consisted of each crew battling other boats and 'digging in treasure island' in order to obtain sets of jewels. Despite changeable weather conditions, the trip was a great success and an excellent time was had by all.

By Olivia Jani and Rachael Harrison, Year 10

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