The Perse School

Year 9 visit the Olympic site

23 Mar 2012

On the 12th and 13th March all Year 9 students went with the Geography department to the Olympic site at Stratford in East London.

We began our tour on ‘Fish Island’ which is a relatively undeveloped area of industrial land to the west of the park that is home to a mixture of industry and artists’ studios. Students took photographs to compose a photography essay of the area, charting both its current characteristics and evidence that the Olympic redevelopment may be changing it.

From there we walked along the ‘Green-Way’ which gives impressive views of the main Olympic Stadium and the Aquatic Centre. Students crossed the tunnel which will be used by athletes moving from the training ground to the main event.

Taking advantage of the many public transport routes in the area we all travelled on the DLR to Stratford and had an opportunity to explore the extraordinary Westfield shopping development, a key part of the redevelopment plans. 70% of visitors to the games are expected to arrive through Stratford station and to enter the Olympic site they have to walk through the Westfield shopping centre.

The final leg of our trip was to Holden Point – a 1970s block of flats that has a viewing gallery over the Olympic site. From here we could see the whole of the Olympic park and this gave us all a chance to reflect on the huge changes that are taking place here and to what extent the legacy of the games will provide long term benefits to the local community.



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