The Perse School

Space Science masterclasses

22 Mar 2012

Nearly 40 Middle School and Sixth Form students recently had the opportunity to attend two superb masterclasses on Space Science with Sophie Allan from the National Space Centre.  There was an excellent mix of enjoyable practical work and challenging thinking throughout the day.

The students got to see a solar panel from the Hubble Space Telescope, a small sample of rock from Mars, as well as launching rockets and making a mock up of a comet with dry ice, water, sand, carbon and amino acids.  They particularly enjoyed a demonstration of the effects of reduced pressure on marshmallows in syringes and then on a doll’s face stuffed with shaving foam– lovely!

Sophie commented, “I found all the students a real pleasure to work with and they really were a credit to the school, and to the teaching in the school as the answers and thought processes shown were excellent.” 


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