The Perse School

Bat Boy

15 Mar 2012

The Perse recently played host to staff and students from Kimball Union Academy, New Hampshire (USA) for a staging of their production of 'Bat Boy – the Musical' in the Lecture Theatre.

'Bat Boy' was first staged on Broadway in 1997 and has since been performed all over the world. The show was inspired by a 1992 news story about a creature – apparently half-boy, half-bat – found living in a cave. In the musical, Bat Boy is taught to speak by his adoptive family, yearns for acceptance and tries to join society, only to face hatred and violence from a town that fears him and jealous rage from his foster father. The show deals with serious themes (such as hypocrisy, acceptance, forgiveness, racism, revenge and scapegoating) but often punctures the most serious moments with humour, slapstick and irony. The music covers many styles, from rock and rap to horror-movie film score and opera.

The performance was very well received and it was a great pleasure to welcome the cast of 23 (accompanied by five members of KUA staff) and we are grateful for their contribution to our 2011/12 Drama programme. The performance served as appropriate preparation for our own production of the classic musical 'Anything Goes' at the Junction on 27, 28 and 29 March.


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