The Perse School

Sleep out for Emmaus

6 Feb 2012

Last Friday, 42 pupils from Year 9 took part in a sponsored sleep out to raise awareness of homelessness for the charity Emmaus. Emmaus is a charity that offers homeless people a home, work and the chance to rebuild their lives.

Pupils took part in a game in which teams sold artwork they had created, put on street performances, did chores and sold newspapers to receive ‘money’ which they could use to buy cardboard for their team to sleep on. They also received advice from a group of Emmaus companions on how to keep warm outside, and talked to them about their experiences while they were living on the streets. We all found this advice extremely helpful and touching.

At midnight, the most anticipated part of the sleep out came all too quickly: the sleep. Pupils tried to put on as many coats as possible before they climbed into their sleeping bags and lay down on their group’s chosen spot in the school grounds. All the Emmaus companions’ advice came in useful and we all managed to survive the cold winter conditions and rain. Most people got about an hour’s sleep but they learned a very valuable thing from taking part in the sleep out – how lucky they are to have a warm bed to sleep in every night. It has certainly made pupils much more aware of how tough living on the streets can be.

Everyone that participated was sponsored by friends and family and we managed to raise over £3000 in total. Thank you to everyone who sponsored us.

Alex Scott and Bradley Young in Year 9


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