The Perse School

Escher inspired fish mural for Queen Edith’s

13 Dec 2011

A large fish mural inspired by the tessellations of Escher and the storybook ‘The Fish Who Could Wish’ has been designed and created by pupils at The Perse School and Queen Edith’s Primary School. The mural was unveiled yesterday on a wall next to Queen Edith’s outdoor pool bringing a splash of colour to the swimming pool courtyard.

As part of their art enrichment option, students in Year 11 and Sixth Form designed a fish shape that would tessellate and then laser cut the design into 75 smaller fish made from marine ply. Taking their little fish, they visited Queen Edith’s several times and taught the school’s Year 4 pupils a range of different techniques (tissue collage, rubbing collage, ink blowing, stencil printing and texture painting) so that they could decorate the 75 individual fish. The pupils at Queen Edith’s used the techniques to decorate the little fish this term. The 75 individual fish have now been put back together to remake the original larger fish.

Students at The Perse said, “Teaching the children the techniques was really enjoyable, they were so enthusiastic it made our job easy. We were inspired by ‘The Fish Who Could Wish’ and its message that being yourself makes you special. We wanted to convey this moral to the children. We felt uplifted by the whole experience and it’s definitely something we would like to do again.”

Syma Khan, Year 4 teacher at Queen Edith’s, said, “The children thoroughly enjoyed working with older children to make the fish mural. The mural has now been hung in the swimming pool area and has been complemented by staff and children. This was a great project.”

The pupils at Queen Edith’s are thrilled to have their artwork permanently on display at school!

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