The Perse School

Year 5 role models

18 Nov 2011

During this morning’s assembly 5 Alpha, ably marshalled by Mr Knowles, made a presentation to the school, telling us all about their role models. It is important for children to have someone to look up to and admire, and it was most heartening to hear the children eloquently enthusing over the inspirational achievements of such figures as Sir Edmund Hillary, Marie Curie and Stephen Hawking.

Arguably more affecting, however, were the choices of one or two children who touchingly explained how a family member was their role model. In an age where we are frequently told how the family unit is under siege and its core values are being eroded, it was most reassuring to hear of the love and admiration for a father and grandfather.

Even Mr Jones managed to sneak into 5 Alpha’s presentation – anyone inspired to be a future Head teacher…? We hope so!

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