The Perse School

Year 3 Roman Day

1 Nov 2011

Just before half term Year 3 were transported back to Roman times, when members of Legion XIIII spent a day at The Prep. All members of Year 3 were dressed as Roman citizens, slaves or barbarians.

During the morning presentation by Gaeus Aquila the children learnt lots of interesting details about the Romans: Celtic clothes, the invasion of Britain, amphitheatres and the lot of slaves were amongst the many topics covered. The children also had the chance to look at various artefacts and some were transformed into Celtic warriors, trying on authentic looking helmets and holding replica shields and weapons.


During the afternoon presentation by Marcus and Gaeus, Year 3 learnt more about the Roman invasions, the different metals valued at the time and Roman weapons and equipment. They learnt and practised various drill commands in Latin and won the chance to dress up in replica armour.


The day was rounded off with a demonstration of Roman weapons on the playing field, with arrows and javelins hitting an unfortunate wooden Celtic warrior target.


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