The Perse School

Year 11 Play – Travel Club and Boy Soldier

17 Nov 2011

In this Lord of the Flies for our time, Wole Soyinka – Africa’s most distinguished playwright – strands a Year 11 class in an airport somewhere in the South Seas. A political uprising has led to the cancellation of all flights. Tensions between members of the group soon become apparent. The plot thickens when the commandant placed in charge of the airport turns out to be a child soldier of the same age as the members of the school travel club.

This important modern play written for young actors poses significant questions about the purpose of education, the rights and responsibilities of young people, and the role of political systems in an increasingly globalised world. This production features some superb individual performances and ensemble acting – as well as additional text by members of the cast, a series of newly-produced films and a commissioned musical score.





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