The Perse School

Raising money for VRH

23 Sep 2011

Megan Rice and Luoying Chen in Year 8 were shocked when they discovered that millions of people in the UK struggle to read and write.

Did you know that in the UK:

  • 1 in 3 children do not own a book
  • 1 million working ADULTS have difficulty reading
  • 1 in 5 children aged 11 do not reach the expected standard in reading before they move to secondary school
  • By law you have to have a library in a prison but not in a school

Megan and Luoying were so surprised by these statistics that they decided to try to raise some money for VRH (Volunteer Reading Help) who are a charity trying to help children who cannot read properly. Many children in the UK do not have enough support at home to help them with their reading – their parents may be too busy working or cannot read themselves. VRH provide reading support to disadvantaged children aged between 6 and 11.They give them one to one reading sessions with a local trained helper. It costs about £1000 to train a helper and VRH rely solely on people donating money. For every £500 donated by the public, the school where the helpers are needed try to match this.

At the end of last term Megan and Luoying asked both pupils and staff at The Upper, to bring in books they no longer wanted and they had book sales in the both the library and the staff room. Mr Richards also performed an end of term piano recital and donated the proceeds to VRH. We were delighted to raise over £220.

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