The Perse School

Perse tops region’s schools in highly selective university applications success rate

11 Aug 2011

A recent independent report by the Sutton Trust placed The Perse thirteenth in a league table of the top 100 schools recording the proportion of higher education applicants accepted at highly selected universities.

87.3% of Perse applicants were given places at the top universities, compared with a national school average of 23.8% and an independent school average of 48.2%. The Perse was the top performing institution in the Eastern region for applications to highly selective universities finishing clear of The Stephen Perse Foundation (82.4%) and Hills Road Sixth Form College (63.0%).

Head Ed Elliott commented: ‘I am delighted that Perse students are making successful applications to the most demanding universities. Our students’ successes are a product of their hard work and attainment, supported by an excellent university applications team of seven specialist staff. This team provides in depth, bespoke advice, to ensure students maximise their chances of a successful application.’

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