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GCSE Results

Submit your GCSE results here

Results day

Step 1

Please use our online form to provide us with initial notification of your GCSE results.

This form needs to be completed on GCSE results day by all those joining the Lower Sixth from a different school in September.

If you need any assistance then the support telephone number for use on the day is 01223 403805.

Step 2

Having completed this form, all results slips (either from the awarding body or from your current school) must also be collated and emailed / faxed to:


Fax 01223 403816

as soon as available and no later than the Tuesday following GCSE results day. This evidence is essential to confirm that your results have met your offer requirements.

If your results do not meet your offer requirements please complete the online form in the first case and then phone the support number. Where this happens we look into each case individually.

Step 3

If you have met your offer requirements and submitted results details but wish to also request a change to your Lower Sixth subject choices in light of your GCSE results, please complete the subject choices form in addition to the above process. To help you with your choice, click here forĀ useful curriculum information.

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