The Perse School

Peter Hall Performing Arts Centre

A Centre for Outstanding Performance

Our aim

The Perse has a proud theatrical heritage, counting among its alumni one of the greatest names of the post-war theatre, Sir Peter Hall. This tradition continues strongly to the present day with a good number of OPs choosing career streams related to the performing arts.

It should therefore come as no surprise that the final piece in the School’s most recent master plan should be a performing arts centre. Yet this is much more than a facility to promote the arts; it is the part of the most radical physical alteration to our site since the move to Hills Road in 1960 and a project that has profoundly transformed the School.

The Peter Hall Performing Arts Centre enables us to enrich a host of activities across all academic departments, for example by holding educational seminars and conferences on a wide range of subjects including science, technology, engineering and enterprise.

This new facility at The Perse will also benefit children in the wider Cambridge community. Drama courses, clubs and holiday schools will create opportunities to develop new performing arts talent, as well as improving essential communication skills of children beyond the school gates.

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