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Legacy FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions are listed below.  However, please feel free to get in touch with Maša Amatt, Development Director, in confidence should you wish to discuss your specific wishes in more detail. She can be contacted on (+44) 01223 403835 or

What wording should I use in my Will?

You can either include a legacy at the time you make your Will (or when you update it) or you can add a ‘codicil’ to an existing Will.

A suggested form of wording for a Will or Codicil is:

I GIVE to THE PERSE SCHOOL (the “School”) of Hills Road Cambridge CB2 8QF (Registered Charity Number 1120654) [the sum of £(amount in numbers and words) free of tax] (or) [all my shares in [NAME OF COMPANY free of tax] (or) [all my right and interest in the property [DESCRIPTION/ADDRESS OF PROPERTY] free of tax] (or) [description of asset free of tax] (or) [percentage/share or all of my Estate] for the Governors to apply for the general purposes of the School in such a manner as they in their absolute discretion think fit and I declare that the written receipt of the Bursar or other competent officer for the time being of the School shall be a sufficient discharge to my [Executors or Trustees].

If you are updating your Will and would like to add a Codicil, you may wish to use our Codicil form which can be downloaded here.

Please consult your solicitor for advice when making or amending your Will.

What are the tax benefits of remembering The Perse in my Will?

As The Perse is a registered charity, legacies to the School are exempt from Inheritance Tax. Additionally, following changes to Inheritance Tax law in 2012, leaving 10% or more of your net estate to charity means that Inheritance Tax charged on the remaining estate will drop to 36% from the usual rate of 40%.

We would like to emphasise that we are not tax advisers and encourage you to seek independent advice when considering any changes to your Will.

The Perse School is a Registered Charity no. 1120654

Is it possible to leave a legacy for a specific purpose?

Yes. Whilst The Perse is looking to direct legacy income primarily towards the provision of bursaries, you can of course focus your support on another area of school life. If you would like to do this, please contact Maša Amatt (details above) to discuss your wishes and the wording that should be included in your Will.

How can I remember The Perse in my Will?

We strongly recommend that you seek professional legal advice to ascertain the most appropriate type for you.

Ways of remembering The Perse in your Will

  1. Pecuniary Legacy

This simple form of legacy involves you leaving a specific amount of money to The Perse. You may wish to review your Will regularly as inflation can erode the value of your gift.

  1. Residuary Legacy

This method allows you to protect the real value of your gift. You can gift a part or all of your estate after other bequests to your family and friends have been made, and expenses have been met.

  1. Reversionary Legacy

This involves leaving all or part of your assets to Trustees so that the intended gift reverts to the School when your spouse/partner/dependant passes away, having had the full benefit of the income from it during their lifetime.

  1. Specific Legacy

This is a gift of specific personal possessions. This may include property, valuables, works of art, stocks, shares or intellectual property.

  1. Deed of Variation

This is useful if you find yourself if you find yourself the beneficiary of a Will and you wish to transfer the whole or part of your inheritance to the School. A gift thus transferred is free of Inheritance Tax.

The Perse School is a Registered Charity no. 1120654
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