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Donor Recognition

Thank you for your support!

Ways of recognising your gift

Philanthropic gifts play a significant role at The Perse and we take every opportunity to thank our donors for their support.

All our donors receive an annual report, which lists those who have given to the School in the preceding 12 months, our major benefactors, members of the 1615 and Dr Perse Societies, and those who have given for ten years or more, unless they prefer to remain anonymous.

We also hold special events for our donors that give us an opportunity to thank you in person and show first-hand the difference your support can make.

Major Benefactors

Donors who have given £50,000 or more to The Perse are recognised by having their name included on the benefactors’ board in the School hall.

The 1615 Society

Donors who make a gift of £1,615 or more to the An Enduring Gift campaign are recognised by becoming members of the 1615 Society, having their name included in the book of benefactors and receiving a special pelican lapel pin.

The Dr Perse Society

If you make a provision for The Perse in your will, please do let us know so that we can thank you and welcome you as a member of the Dr Perse Society. Members of the Society are listed in the annual donor report and are invited to benefactors’ events.

Donors who have given for ten or more years

Donors who have given to The Perse continuously for ten years receive a gift from the School as a token of our appreciation for their loyalty. They are also given special recognition in our list of donors in the annual donor report.

All current and recent donors

All current and recent donors receive an invitation to our annual benefactors’ reception, which is an opportunity to celebrate philanthropy to The Perse, to thank our donors in person and to show them the impact of their generosity.

Naming opportunities

There are also a number of exciting opportunities for special recognition. Depending on your gift and wishes, they range from named bursaries to naming discrete spaces around the School.

If you would like to have a conversation about naming opportunities or any other aspect of the campaign please contact the Development Director, Maša Amatt on or +44 (01223) 403835.

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