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Our aim

Over the past five years, the Bursary Fund has supported approximately 10% of pupils per year, mainly by providing mean-tested fee support but also emergency funding for families facing unexpected hardship. Since government funding for assisted places was abolished in the late 1990s, the School has provided over £10 million in bursary support.

The figures show that without this support, a Perse education would be out of reach for most of the Perse bursary holders. In recent years, more than two thirds of recipients received support of 50% and above of the annual fees and around a quarter more than 90%, including several recipients receiving a 100% bursary. This year, there has been high demand for means-tested bursaries and an increased need for hardship support.

The campaign aims to double the number of children we support (now typically 115 per year) by 2025. That requires at least doubling the current annual income of £1m for the Bursary Fund and maintaining our commitment to delivering an outstanding education yet keeping our fees as affordable as possible. Our sources of income beyond the fees are trading arm earnings (e.g. external lettings) and fundraising. Your generous support is vital in enabling us to realise this ambitious goal.

We believe that the achievements of past bursary holders illustrate the importance of the Bursary Fund today. Many have achieved great success in their careers and, by doing so, they benefit those around them.

If you share our vision and passion for education make a gift to the Bursary Fund.

The Perse School is a Registered Charity no. 1120654

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