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Where has The Perse taken you?

After leaving The Perse, our alumni go on to a wide range of things in various fields. We want to celebrate these achievements, and so launched ‘Perse Profiles’ to tell the stories of Old Perseans and showcase the various paths that their lives have taken.

If you would like to submit your own Perse Profile, please contact Erin Charles at

  • Perse Profiles

    Joe Todd (2014)

    Joe Todd (2014) has twice completed the Transcontinental Race, cycling from Belgium to Turkey.

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  • Perse Profiles

    Professor Gabriel Oon Chong Jin (1958)

    Professor Gabriel Oon Chong Jin (1958) is a preventative Oncologist and a Knight of the Order of Malta.


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  • Perse Profiles

    Millie Rose (2014)

    Millie Rose (2014) took up rugby in her final year at university, and found herself playing at Twickenham!<...

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