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Year Group Representatives

The Year Group Representative (YGR) scheme is designed to foster closer links between The Perse School and its alumni. YGRs will liaise with the School, and in so doing, help to build a feeling of participation and mutual interest. The important, two-way communication stream will enable us to tailor various engagement opportunities so that they are of the interest to OPs.

YGRs provide an indispensable service to The Perse by helping and encouraging contact among alumni, as well as between the alumni and the School, and providing feedback on the School’s programme of alumni events and communications.

Below is a list of the current Year Group Representatives, if you would like to make contact with your YGR please email with the name of your rep and we will forward your message on. We are still in the process of recruiting OPs who are willing to act as YGRs for their alumni year group; if you would be interested in taking on this role where there is a vacancy we would be delighted to hear from you.

Name Year
Ellie Harrison Class of 2017
Jasper Dix Class of 2017
Chris Dodsworth Class of 2016
Maddie Baron Class of 2016
Tilly Thatcher Class of 2015
Tom Neuberger Class of 2015
Oscar Giles Class of 2014
Harriet McLean Class of 2014
Eloise Wilson Class of 2013
Christopher Kingstone Class of 2011
Michael Franklin Class of 2010
Ophelia Brook Class of 2008
Nicholas McLellan Class of 2008
Harry Fordham Class of 2007
George Dean Class of 2006
Thea Doble Class of 2006
Victoria Brookes Class of 2004
Adam Harris Class of 2004
Benjamin Freedman Class of 2002
Duncan Parish Class of 1998
Andrew Herriot Class of 1994
John Odell Class of 1990
Morris Berrie Class of 1984
Simon Flett Class of 1981
Timothy Dingle Class of 1977
Julian Tunnicliffe Class of 1976
Lindsay Marr Class of 1974
Arthur Brookes Class of 1970
William Harrison Class of 1968
Stephen Stanley Class of 1964
John Sacks Class of 1964
David Ward Class of 1962
Ashley Edgar Class of 1961
Victor Walne Class of 1960
Michael Johnson Class of 1956
Ian Gordon, Rodney Dale Class of 1950s
Anthony Gray Class of 1940s
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