Wellbeing and Pastoral Support
Upper School

We care about you

We know how difficult and challenging it is growing up, with so much going on in school and home life too, with friendships and those you love.

Our pastoral team are dedicated to being there for you – to listening to you, supporting you and doing our best to help and understand. So whether you need someone to talk a problem with through, to share an idea, or to help you reach out to others, we have a specialist team, trained and qualified within easy reach.

The tutor is usually the first point of contact for any questions or concerns pupils or parents may have, but we also have a number of other staff with specific pastoral responsibilities.

There’s always someone here I can talk to if I need to. The teachers always want to help and to listen.
I feel listened to when I have a problem, which is what you need in a school, I guess.

Year 9 pupil

We want you to be happy

We know that happiness is a prerequisite to academic and extra-curricular success and personal development. So, we will do all we can to support you and help you to have a happy time at school.

Not only will you be part of a tutor group, you’ll also be part of our House system, where there are lots of opportunities to get involved in school life and make new friends.

There are eight Houses across the Upper School and lots of House events including drama, music, sport, quizzes and fundraising.

We want you to grow emotionally intelligent

Through our timetabled PSHEE and emotional wellbeing lessons, we’ll help equip you with the emotional tools you’ll need to get through the next few years and beyond.

Learning how to manage emotions, as well as looking after our physical and mental wellbeing are all important life lessons that we help you with.

Pupils develop an extremely good awareness of the importance of a balanced lifestyle in terms of diet, exercise and mental and emotional health.

ISI Inspection Report 2023

Learning Support

Our learning support team helps pupils who need some additional assistance with their studies.

In-house careers advice

Our in-house careers advisor is available to give advice and support on a wide range of areas including interview techniques, career choices, CV preparation, mentoring and work experience opportunities.

Feeding a happy and healthy body

The teenage years are a time of continued growth. We provide high quality, healthy food options using the best fresh British produce including free range eggs, fruit, vegetables and meat from local farmers, producers and artisan food suppliers . The daily menu includes two main course options, a vegetarian option, as well as a selection of side dishes, pasta and sauce, hot and cold desserts and fresh fruit. Pure Perse dishes are available daily and are made without the 14 most common allergenic ingredients covered under government labelling legislation.

The pop up tuck shop and PAC café is available daily enabling pupils to purchase breakfast, morning snack and a sandwich/snack at the end of the day ahead of after school activities.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Over 40 pupils across the Upper School serve as anti-bullying ambassadors. They promote our positive, kind and caring Perse culture, through workshops and events with staff and our student council.

Supporting parents and carers

Our pastoral team work together with our Perse Parents’ Association (PPA) to arrange regular talks which cover a wide range of relevant topics including drugs, relationships and online safety.

Here are more details about our pastoral team.

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