A level

Aim of the course  

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. It is a diverse field that incorporates such issues as the nature of thought and memory, social roles and psychopathology. Psychology requires of students both the precision and rigour of the sciences, but also the subtlety and creativity of the arts.  

Whilst few of our students come to psychology having studied it before, many soon find it to be the subject that most awakens and stimulates their minds. 

Course outline  

In the Lower Sixth, students will be introduced to some of the key concepts in psychology as well as learning about some of the most (in)famous studies in the history of the field. The year is structured as follows: 

Term 1: 

Term 2:  

Term 3: 

In the Upper Sixth, students will focus on developing their skills in psychology and also complete an ‘Issues and Debates in Psychology’ module.  

Having further developed their confidence in psychology, they then go on to study three key topic areas: ‘Cognition and Development’, “Schizophrenia’ and ‘Addiction’ in greater depth. 

Term 1: 

Term 2: 

Term 3: 

Be inspired 

Students are encouraged to enter various essay prizes, including those offered by Newnham College, Cambridge, the John Locke Institute and Royal Holloway. 

Students are provided with many opportunities to engage with psychology, for example: 

Assessment details  

Three two-hour exams, each worth 33.3% of the overall mark taken at the end of the Upper Sixth. 

Examining board  



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