Sixth Form

Recognising your talents

We offer a small number of scholarships each year to students of exceptional merit and potential. These awards are not means-tested but are limited in financial value and are one-off payments of £450.

All candidates who sit our entrance tests are automatically considered for an academic scholarship, awarded on performance in the entrance tests. There is no need to apply.

Candidates can apply for a maximum of two other scholarships from Dr Perse, art, drama, music and sport via the scholarship section of the application form, and each of these will have their own assessments.

Further information regarding the requirements for each scholarship, and how to apply, can be found below.


Scholarships are available for budding artists who show great potential within the field of art and design. This can take the form of outstanding abilities, evidence of a creative and inventive mind at work and an interest in the world of art around them. Applicants are required to write a personal statement outlining their interest in art and their aspirations for the future.


  • These awards are designed to reward those studying art in the Sixth Form who can demonstrate, through a portfolio and interview, the potential to be an outstanding student of art and who will be able to add value to the art department e.g. by offering a student-led club, assisting in lessons or setting up a new initiative etc.
  • You will have an interview which will be based around your art portfolio and personal statement.
  • You are requested to bring a portfolio of present art work with you. This can be GCSE work and/or anything that you have developed outside of school.
  • Art scholars are expected to take a full and active role in the art department and will have opportunities to help run clubs and put together exhibitions of student artwork.


Drama scholarships are designed to reward those who can demonstrate notable success in, and an aptitude for, drama. Applicants are likely to have made a notable recent contribution to drama at their present school or in wider dramatic activities. The school is looking for future potential rather than purely current achievement. Applicants do not necessarily need to have studied GCSE drama (or the equivalent).


  • You will be invited to perform a short audition monologue of your choice and should be prepared to discuss your involvement in dramatic activities, including any plans for the future.
  • Drama scholars are expected to play an active role in the dramatic life of the school.

Dr Perse

Dr Perse scholarships are designed to reward those who have made a notable recent contribution to the extra-curricular activities or pastoral life of their current school, for example excelling as leaders or raising significant funds for charity. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate commitment to the extra-curricular life of The Perse.


Prospective musicians are very welcome to arrange a visit to the music department by emailing A visit may include an informal audience with the Director of Music, Ben Wingfield, as well as a tour of the facilities on offer and a chance to sit in on an ensemble rehearsal.

Scholarship requirements

  • Music scholars will be expected to make a lively and committed contribution to musical activities at The Perse Upper. Successful scholarship candidates will be expected to demonstrate themselves as hard-working, determined and collegiate in their musical pursuits and will be expected to set an outstanding and inspiring example to other pupil musicians of all ages.
  • It is hoped that Sixth Form candidates will offer at least two instruments, which may include singing either as a main or secondary component, although this is not essential. Candidates need to have achieved at least Grade 8 level or equivalent on at least one instrument.
  • It is hoped that a music scholar will receive tuition on at least one of their instruments in school.
  • Candidates do not have to study A level music in the Sixth Form to apply.

Guidance for internal candidates

Internal candidates will be invited to apply via PersePost for a music scholarship audition. These will take place in November 2022. At the audition, candidates will be asked to perform at least one piece on their instrument(s), undertake short sight-reading and aural tests, and discuss their musical ambitions and interests with the Director of Music and a specialist in their first-study instrument. Accompaniment will be provided, where needed, by a member of the music department. The audition will last between 20-30 minutes.

Guidance for external candidates

External candidates are asked to record a video performance submission of their audition pieces as a first round. The submission should be uploaded online by Monday 7 November 2022. Further guidance on the content of the video submission can be found below. The outcome of the first round will be confirmed soon after this submission deadline.

On the basis of the video submissions, a selection of candidates will be shortlisted for an in-person second round audition conducted in late November 2022 as part of the Sixth Form entrance test day. The second round audition will consist of sight-reading on the candidate’s main instrument and aural tests, followed by an informal discussion on the candidate’s musical ambitions and interests with the Director of Music. The audition will last between 10-15 minutes.

Video submission guidelines

• We recommend one piece (or two shorter pieces) per instrument. Where only one instrument is offered, two contrasting pieces will be accepted. The submission should last no longer than 15 minutes in total.
• The recording should be of good audio and video quality. Preferable video formats for the submission are MP4 or MOV. Audio-only submissions will not be accepted.
• The submission may be recorded in one take of the entire audition recital or multiple takes for each piece offered. We ask that multiple takes are collated into one edit if possible, although multiple files will be accepted.
• The candidate should be clearly visible. Performers using a stand should ensure it does not obscure a clear view of them. String, woodwind and brass players should ensure their face, bow (if applicable), and fingers/hands can be seen clearly. Pianists/organists should ensure that the full range of the keyboard and both hands are in frame. Singers should present themselves straight towards the camera.
• Where possible and applicable, live accompaniment should be used during the recording. If this is not possible, backing track accompaniment and/or unaccompanied performances (with substantial rests cut) will be accepted. Where accompaniment is used, we recommend a soundcheck to check that balance between candidate and accompaniment is correct.
• The submission should be uploaded to Dropbox/Google Drive/WeTransfer or similar. A link to view/download the file(s) should then be sent, along with details of the pieces performed, to by the above deadline.


Pupils will only be considered for a sport scholarship if they are currently part of a performance programme in their chosen sport. For example, England Hockey Performance Centre, Northampton Saints Junior Academy, England Netball Performance Pathway and ECB Emerging Players Programme. It is expected that students display a good understanding of the school values and act as an ambassador for Perse sport. Preference will be given to those competing in one of the school’s focus sports (cricket, hockey, netball, rugby and tennis). However, outstanding performance in other sports will also be considered.


  • You will complete a questionnaire relating to their sporting career. They will be observed by a member of the Perse sport department in a competitive fixture and attend a sport-specific interview conducted by the sport department.
  • You will be required to make a positive contribution to Perse sport as a role model and ambassador for the school.
  • It is essential that if your sport is one of our focus sports, you represent the school in all required fixtures and tournaments.

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