Wellbeing and Pastoral Support
Prep School

Helping pupils stay healthy and well in mind and body is our top priority. 

Once at the Prep, each pupil is part of a form and a House, giving them plenty of opportunity to make friends across the school. There are frequent ‘whole Prep school’ events each term and we welcome parents to our Friday morning assemblies, where we celebrate all the achievements of the past week. 

Excellent pastoral care is at the heart of our work and ensures that our children feel at ease and secure in their surroundings. 

Central to our philosophy is our desire to: 

Our Assistant Head (Pastoral) oversees the running of this important area of school life and all staff at the Prep are involved in the pastoral care of pupils.  

Pupils have a highly-developed awareness of the importance of decision-making and the possible impact on their wellbeing and success.

ISI Inspection Report 2023

Wellbeing Week 

While wellbeing is never far from our minds, the whole school takes time out to focus on physical and mental health during this special annual week. 

Pupils take part in activities designed to get them thinking about how they can take care of themselves in different ways. 

Everyone reflects on the many different aspects of wellbeing, and is encouraged to connect with others, do something kind, discover something new, eat and sleep well, and look after the environment.  

Sessions are hands-on and might include yoga, raft building, outdoor challenges, therapeutic art, line dancing, ukulele playing, team-building and mindfulness techniques. 

Healthy eating

Lunch is freshly prepared at the Prep and there’s always a vegetarian option, salad and fresh fruit available.

Prep pupils are active throughout the day and benefit from a good lunch.

Catering staff and teachers encourage children to choose a balanced meal, try new food and develop good table manners.

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