Wellbeing and Pastoral Support
Pelican School

We place significant time and focus on the wellbeing and pastoral care of each child. As a small school, every child is known to all staff and is a valued part of our Pelican family.

We believe a happy, secure, confident child makes excellent all-round progress at school. We focus on helping each child make a smooth transition between home life and their first school experience as they gain the skills to become increasingly independent.

We understand some children can take time to settle into a new environment, so we work in partnership with families to understand the needs of each child.

We give as much thought and care to the development of our children’s social skills as we do to the academic curriculum. Our PSHE (personal, social and health education) lessons cover a wide range of areas including healthy lifestyles, emotions, relationships and family, personal and e-safety.

Yoga and mindfulness sessions help children learn how to manage their emotions and practise being calm and quiet after a busy day.

Our outdoor play spaces provide lots of opportunities for children to learn how to get along with each other and make friends. Many friendships formed at the Pelican last throughout The Perse and on into adulthood.

Healthy eating

We produce a wide range of healthy, freshly cooked hot and cold food options. We support children to choose a healthy balanced meal and encourage them to try out new foods.

As well as encouraging healthy eating in the dining hall we also talk about making good food choices within the curriculum.

We know you want your child to be safe and happy throughout their time and school, and this is our priority too.  

Pupils are passionate about the school value of kindness and model this towards one another.

ISI Inspection Report 2023

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