Pelican School

We invite every child who registers for a place to attend our assessment sessions.  

We are very aware some small children may be daunted when going into a new environment and this is natural.

We do all we can to ensure that every child can become familiar with the Pelican School and our staff, prior to our informal assessment.

Children with a thirst for knowledge and a keenness to solve problems do well at the Pelican. We are interested in each child’s all-round development and learning characteristics.

Parents and carers of children with special educational needs should discuss their application with us before the assessment dates.

Nursery and Reception 

Prospective Nursery children of similar ages are assessed in very small groups. Experienced staff support the children as they play, read stories, use the construction equipment and even hold tea parties!

Reception assessments are similar to those for Nursery, with some emergent literacy and numeracy tasks included in these activities.

Sessions last around 50 minutes.

Year 1 and 2 

Children spend a morning with current Year 1 and 2 children.

We look at the whole child, assessing a broad range of personal, physical, linguistic and mathematical skills appropriate to their level of development.

The children enjoy lunch in school and time outside in the playground with the other pupils.

Open Events

Getting here

Our contact page features information on how to get to The Perse if you’re coming by road, train or bus.

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