Our Values
Our Vision and Values

We value endeavourintellectual curiosity and scholarshipbreadth and balance and one another and our environment.  


Which means we

Aim high and challenge ourselves

Try our best and are not afraid to make mistakes

So we

Aim to be the best we can reasonably be

Set high standards and value the efforts people make to reach them

Are organised and punctual

Develop the resilience needed to embrace setbacks as learning opportunities

Win and lose honourably and graciously

Lead by example

Intellectual Curiosity and Scholarship

Which means we

Love learning, thinking deeply and being creative

Welcome reasoned debate

So we

Develop a lifelong love of learning, acquiring the qualities and skills needed for successful study

Go beyond the curriculum and exam specifications

Celebrate original thought, research and creativity

Learn to communicate well both orally and in writing

Invite challenge; listen to and value other perspectives

Reflect on our learning to become more effective learners

Breadth and Balance

Which means we

Are involved, engaged and committed

Take full advantage of the opportunities we are given

So we

Take on personal responsibility

Learn to play our part in a team

Honour our commitments

Broaden our horizons by trying new activities

Find enjoyment and personal development in extra curricular learning

Keep a sense of perspective

One Another and Our Environment

Which means we

Each play our part in creating a kind and considerate community

Care for ourselves, each other, and those in need

So we

Are honest, kind, courteous, and caring in all we do

Balance the needs of the individual and the community

Act responsibly to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy

Look after the school and wider environment

Acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of others, treat all fairly, and recognise that diversity is a strength

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