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In 2016 – for the second inspection in a row – the School achieved a clean sweep of the highest possible scores on each aspect of the education it provides, from its ‘stimulating teaching’ to its support for pupils and its range of extra-curricular and leadership opportunities. Pupils at The Perse ‘make extremely rapid progress’ and are ‘confident, self-aware and articulate’, according to independent school inspectors, who rated children’s achievement here as ‘exceptional’.

A team of inspectors spent almost a week at the School in February 2016. The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) report covered all three Perse schools: the Pelican Nursery and Pre-Prep, the Prep and the Upper.

The School was assessed on the quality of pupil achievement and learning, teaching, pupils’ personal development, and governance, leadership and management. It secured the highest ‘excellent’ grade in all categories, and an ‘exceptional’ judgement for pupil achievement.

Inspectors found that ‘pupils demonstrate high levels of creativity and freedom of expression’ and ‘a willingness to ask penetrating questions’ and that teaching is ‘stimulating’ and encourages pupils ‘to think for themselves’. The report states that ‘pupils are courteous and friendly’ and that they leave school with ‘an excellent standard of self-knowledge and self-esteem’.

Inspectors made one recommendation for improvement, regarding the use of the merits and demerits that are used to encourage positive behaviours at the Upper. Staff and pupils have reviewed the school rules and awarding of merits and have implemented a new system and approach.

Read ISI Inspection Report 2016 – The Perse School

ISI Inspection Reports 2010

Reports from the previous inspection, in 2010, can be downloaded below. Note that while in 2016 the School was inspected as one 3-18 institution with one report, in 2010 each part of the School received its own report.

ISI Inspection Report 2010 – The Perse Pelican School

ISI Inspection Report 2010 – The Perse Prep School

ISI Inspection Report 2010 – The Perse Upper School

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