Inclusion, Equality and Diversity

We value one another at The Perse and Inclusion, Equality & Diversity (IE&D) are integral to our community life. 

With the help of a working group comprising of pupils, staff, alumni, governors, parents, and experts from other organisations, we have been engaged in a programme to create awareness of key issues and drive our response at a personal and organisational level.

We have achieved a great deal and we continue to hone our understanding so that all members of our community can flourish in a welcoming environment, as we proactively embed inclusive practices into our culture.  

Transforming conversations have included:  

Our IE&D strategic development plan emerged from these discussions.

We are proud that staff and students created a new IE&D policy and helped develop the first national cohort of staff to be trained and credited as Sexual Misconduct Liaison Officers.

We have audited our curriculum and are sharing best practice across departments. Pupils have led assemblies and peer-taught on issues that affect our community. Through our diversity calendar we have raised awareness and supported wide ranging events, while pupils have helped train staff and informed development of our RSE curriculum.  

Moving forward, we seek to explore different perspectives, respect the experience of others, and remain committed to further growth. 

Pupils’ moral development and the way they respect and value diversity with sensitivity and tolerance are excellent.

ISI Inspection Report 2023

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