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100+ ways to explore interests more deeply


Our vibrant programme of clubs and societies help develop students’ self-confidence, organisation, team working and leadership skills, as well as providing interests for life and a chance to make new friends.

There are currently more than 100 lunchtime and after school clubs and societies on offer. Many are for all year groups, but some are dedicated to sixth formers, with a focus on deepening interests and knowledge, and developing the skills needed to succeed in the UCAS application process, and at university itself.

The list below gives just a flavour of The Perse’s offering of sixth form specific extra-curricular clubs. Look out for others in the ‘beyond the classroom’ sections of the subject pages.

Extension Physics

For students interested in solving problems and stretching their knowledge and understanding beyond A level or Pre-U. Designed for anyone interested in physics, but especially relevant for those planning to study physical science or engineering at university. The activities provide good preparation for Olympiad competitions and university interviews, and help bridge the gap between sixth form study and university level science.

Economics Society

Economics Society meets to hear and discuss presentations on economics by A level students and occasional external speakers. The Society runs a curve-sketching course for any student considering a maths-related degree at university.

F.R. Leavis Society

Named after one of The Perse’s most notable Old Perseans, literary critic F.R. Leavis, this clubs holds seminars to encourage interdisciplinary thought across the arts and humanities.

G6 Club

G6 – our sixth form geography club – provides a vibrant student-led forum for discussion and debate about current affairs and includes article discussion, interviews, debates, reading and more. We also run a geography debating competition for all members of the sixth form to grapple with geographical material that is not on the A level specification.

Livermorium Club

Livermorium Club is a chemistry extension club, where students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge beyond that of the A level and Pre-U syllabuses. It provides an excellent forum in which to ask questions, delve more deeply into a subject, and prepare for university interviews and Olympiad competitions.

Medical Forum

This club helps students gain information and advice on a career in medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine. Meetings are often focused on the application or interview process.

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