The Perse School


Broadening intellectual and emotional responses,
and stimulating critical discrimination

Our aim

Cambridge Pre-U Music embraces the creative, interpretative, historical and analytical aspects of the subject and tests learners’ interpretative, comparative and critical thinking skills. A Personal Study allows learners to extend their skills through a challenging project of personal interest, choosing between a dissertation, advanced recital, free composition or music technology project.

Studying music at this level is an excellent preparation for university, employment and life. Students develop the in-depth subject knowledge and understanding which are so important to universities and employers. Although Pre-U music is especially suitable for students who aspire to read music at university, it will also appeal to those who simply wish to deepen their involvement and abilities in music.

The subject provides opportunities for students to broaden their intellectual and emotional responses, stimulates critical discrimination and heightens social and cultural awareness, and provides the basis for an informed and lasting love of music, either in a musical career or in the enjoyment of music as a leisure activity.

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