The Perse School


Helping students stay healthy and well in mind and body is our top priority

Our approach

While the tutor is usually the first point of contact for any questions or concerns pupils or their parents may have, we have a number of other staff with specific pastoral responsibilities.

Deputy Head (Pupils): Mr Ed Wiseman
Overall responsibility for the welfare of pupils. Responsible for Child Protection alongside the Assistant Head (Welfare and Admissions).

Assistant Head (Welfare and Admissions): Mrs Gail Hague
Offers guidance and support to individual pupils in all year groups. Responsible for Child Protection alongside the Deputy Head (Pupils.)

Head of Pupil Support and Counselling: Mr Gareth Machin
Oversees the pupil well-being strategy and the counselling team.

School counsellors: Miss Laura Martin and Mrs Susan Wilson
Provide confidential support for pupils who might not want to approach a teacher.

School nurses: Mrs Penny Elbourn, Mrs Katy Clark and Mrs Maria Brightwell
Provide medical care throughout the school day and during sports fixtures.

Pupil voice co-ordinator: Mrs Beth Gladwell
Works with the School Council to give pupils an insight and input into the running of the School.

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