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School announcements, calendar, department resources, sport fixtures etc.
Login with your usual school network username/password.

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Login with your usual school network username/password.


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You can access your class sites using your usual school network login details.
See the extra information for other modes of access e.g. using the app.

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Schoology is the home for your class sites which may include lesson or homework details or additional class materials.

If you access Schoology via the school portal then there is an automatic sign in.

If you access Schoology from this website using this page or directly by bookmarking http://perse.schoology.com then you will login with your usual school network username/password.

If you download the Apple Schoology app on your iphone/ipod/ipad then to use the app you must first set a schoology password by logging into schoology from a computer and adjusting your account settings : schoology password. Then from the app you can login with your school email address and the password you have created.

If you do create a Schoology password then that is also valid directly on the public Schoology page www.schoology.com


A Comfort. A Challenge. A Connection.
The transition from primary to secondary education is a big step. To help bridge that gap between your primary and secondary experience, we’d like you to take part in the Perse Linking Project.

Linking Project

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This is mostly used by your parents but you will sometimes get copied in. Just click through from PersePost emails received (no login). However you can login directly from here – see the extra information for your login details.

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To login directly to PersePost, students should use your school network username and your PersePost password.

If you do not know your PersePost password then you can use the “password reminder” link on the login page to have it emailed to you at your school email address.

Staff cannot login from here for security reasons but should use the staff PersePost link provided on the school portal.

Portal Remote Desktop

STAFF ONLY – Access the school network from home from here.
(Compatible with both Windows and Mac)

Remote Access

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