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For assistance with login enquries, please contact:
ICT Support
01223 403858


Please choose a school for a list of relevant sites you can access:


Access The Prep calendar and departmental resources.
USERNAME = your child’s school network login e.g. fxbloggs
PASSWORD = your child’s school network password

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Please speak to your child’s teacher if you do not know your child’s login details.


All general information/policies and parent notes are now available on Perse Post. Please use the Perse Post link below to login.

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All newsletters and communications that have been sent to your online mailbox.
NEW: Now also contains all parent information, policies and links.
USERNAME = your email
PASSWORD = there is a password reminder link on the login page


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School information, policies and classroom updates. All parents use the guest login:
USERNAME = parent, PASSWORD = portal


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Make online payments to the school for requested items.
USERNAME/PASSWORD : Please read the additional information for guidance.

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If you have not yet configured your ParentPay account then you will need to lookup your initial login credendials and instructions which we will have sent you using PersePost. These initial credentials allow you to register your email address and choose a password.

Your password is not available to the school and, for security reasons, will not be the same as your PersePost password unless you have set it to be so. There is a link on the login page to have a new reset password emailed to your registered email address if you forget.

We currently only accept debit cards, not credit cards (see note below).

If you require any assistance with online payments then please call the Bursary on 01223 403806 between 9am and 4pm and ask to speak to either the Assistant Accountant or the School Accountant. Alternatively feel free to email us on ParentPay@perse.co.uk


  • If you have more than one child in the school you will have initially received a separate username and password for each child. You can merge all your children into one account once you are logged in to ParentPay using the “merge accounts” option.
  • Payment items e.g. for trips will be become available on ParentPay as and when they arise and you will generally be notified via PersePost. Items that are listed are not invoices,many items are optional and you should only make payment if the item listed is relevant.
  • Separated parents: ParentPay advise that sharing a login where possible leads to the least likelihood of dual-payment errors. If this is not possible please contact us on the phone number above or by emailing ParentPay@perse.co.uk and we will create an additional parent account.
  • ParentPay is the UK market leader in online payment systems for schools. It ensures that all money transactions are safe and secure. We hope that you will find the system convenient, easy to use and helpful. Use of the system also leads to a significant reduction in administrative workload for the school.
  • In the event that you do not have access to the internet the school will continue to accept payment by cheque.
  • Be assured that ParentPay offers the highest security and no card details are stored on the system or are accessible by the school or ParentPay.
  • For reasons of cost, the school has decided not to accept payment by credit card for the time being. This situation will be kept under review as the useage of the system expands.