An Enduring Gift

Dr Stephen Perse



On our 400th anniversary, we look to the future with a sense of responsibility for our inheritance. The Perse has its roots in benefaction; Dr Perse founded the School with a generous bequest in his will. His vision was to create a school which realised the talents of future generations by providing an excellent education and improved social cohesion by bringing children of all backgrounds together.

We remain committed to the founder’s vision, combining excellence in education with a real commitment to our role in the community. We are of course determined to do the very best for our pupils and we value outstanding academic attainment, but we also recognise the need to develop wider skills and qualities in our pupils. The essence of the education we provide at The Perse means that we seek to prepare pupils for a successful and fulfilling adulthood where they can, in their turn, make a real contribution to society.

Inspired by Dr Perse’s philanthropy, we are committing the School to three projects that will make the excellent Perse education even more transformative, and that will deliver our world-class education to a wider community of pupils.

We do so through:

•offering means-tested bursaries
•offering facilities that support and enhance our core mission
•helping others beyond the school gates

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